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About Us

Company Story

It all started as it should, with a commitment. One Friday in 1990, a salesman selling aftermarket cables met with a customer who needed a custom assembly for a critical project, due Monday. When asked if it was something his company could do, the salesman replied without hesitation: “Absolutely.” How would he pull it off? It didn’t matter because he simply knew he would. What mattered was the commitment to his customer, no matter what it might take. He walked out of that meeting, jumped in his car, and drove to Mexico to find someone who could help him deliver on his promise. That original spirit of customer service and “can do” mentality still permeates all that we do at OCP. Although since that time OCP has clearly focused on what we do best, we still take to heart every commitment we make to a meet or exceed our customer’s expectations in every way. So when you ask, “Is OCP the supplier for us?” We can reply without hesitation: “Absolutely.”

Speed and Responsiveness Around the Globe.

Sometimes it takes getting bigger to act smaller and more nimble. That might seem contradictory, but when you’re serving abroad and demanding an audience, it takes breadth in your operations to provide the speed and efficiency of a comprehensive, global resource. During the last year, our OCP de Mexico facility has doubled in size, we’ve expanded our international partner group, and added offices in Hong Kong, and a warehouse in China. Only with this type of global presence can we fully serve a diverse clientele, from the smallest distributor to the largest multi-national corporation. And only in this way can our flexible, responsive approach deliver the efficiency our customers demand.

Exceptional Products Maximum Satisfaction.

We can be the friendliest, most efficient supplier our customers have, but if the quality of the product we deliver fails to meet their expectations on any level, we can expect that relationship to quickly end. At OCP, we understand that our commitment to quality is directly related to our customers’ satisfaction. Despite the challenges of growth and change, we have maintained a standard that has never wavered. Over each of the last three years, OCP has achieved a stringent quality goal of 99.5% product acceptance rate clearly positioning itself as a leader amongst its peers in the wire and cable industry. This continuous quality level is a reflection of the quality of our staff.

Going Past the Extra Mile.

We know that if our customers are not happy, we won’t last. We also know that they may not always be buying just the product we ship out the door. They expect a responsive staff that can help them achieve their goals. Sometimes that means we have to solve an engineering problem, sometimes it’s locating materials they can’t find, but more often then not, it’s the effort of everyone on our staff, in every department, understanding we all play a crucial part in our customer’s success.

Bigger, Better, and not Slowing Down.

The old saying goes, “There is only growth or decay.” The choice seems obvious, but strong steady growth takes hard work. It’s work that OCP continues to attack with vigor. From our commitment to constant improvement of our quality manual system, to aggressive positioning on the leading edge of technology and capabilities, it’s our goal to enter each day in search of ways to grow and improve. Nothing is a more direct measurement of that than sales. In an ever-changing market, with increased demands and pressure to remain responsive and progressive, OCP has experienced dynamic growth during the last five years, and with a committed staff and dedicated partner base, that looks to continue for quite some time.


Our Mission To constantly increase value for our employees, shareholders, and community.

Our Values

Competent: OCP Associates must be proficient in all that they do; they must continuously learn, grow and develop to remain highly competitive in a fast-changing world.

Energetic: We are enthusiastic and passionate about serving customers and one another. Positive energy permeates all that we do.

Integrity: Establish and achieve the highest levels of honesty and openness in all business and personal interactions, and provide an environment based on dignity, trust, and respect.

Accountable: We are responsible for our actions, we are disciplined in measurement, and objectivity is valued over subjectivity. The results of our efforts define us.

Quality and Environmental Policy

OCP is committed to operating our business in an environmentally responsible manner by reducing or eliminating pollution while complying with applicable legal requirements, regulations, and statutes. We achieve this by having an environmental management system that monitors and measures continuous improvement against established impacts and aspects of our business operations. OCP is also committed to satisfying customer expectations of our products and services. We document our continual improvement through our quality system and coordinate our efforts to foster partnerships with both our customers and our vendors.


OCP is a leading manufacturer and distributor of cables, wire-harnesses, and subassemblies to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in a wide variety of industries from Instrumentation and Industrial Equipment, to Medical and Storage. Starting with a dedication to consistently deliver the highest quality, OCP established its own cable manufacturing plant in the late 90’s to satisfy customer demand for tight control, quick turns and smaller lot sizes. Coupling this with a vendor partner base established in Asia years earlier, OCP quickly became a comprehensive resource for small distributors and large multi-nationals alike. With the early adoption of now industry-wide standards like ISO 9001:2015, and IPC/WHMA-A- 620A, OCP’s experience with tight quality and control, international supply chain management and lean manufacturing models have been part of its DNA from the very beginning. This experience blended with the comprehensive support of an engineering, tooling, molding, sales and development staff-unmatched by their peers-makes OCP a unique solution in a dynamic marketplace. In an industry that demands continual change, the one constant throughout the years has always been OCP’s commitment to the success of its customers. Their blend of dedication and capability ensures that you can CONNECT WITH CONFIDENCE when you partner with OCP Group Inc.

RoHS Directive

OCP is fully committed to protecting our environment and earth’s natural resources. Early adoption and full compliance with the European Union’s directive for RoHS has been a focus for OCP during the last 3 years. RoHS-Restricted Substances The EU directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) requires that producers of electrical and electronic equipment placed on the market after July 1, 2006, limit the use of certain restricted substances. Products cannot contain more than 0.1% lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs), or polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs); or over 0.0075% cadmium. EU RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC.

Relevant Responsibilities

We have two distinct product groups at OCP: OCP Branded products and customer-designed products we manufacture as an EMS provider. This makes our approach to RoHS compliance unique. For customer-owned designs, we view our role as “collaborators” focused on ensuring our processes meet or exceed RoHS restrictions and working to manage component-level compliance wherever possible. For OCP branded products, of course, we have dedicated the resources necessary to ensure our complete compliance.


We have implemented RoHS compliant processes in all of our manufacturing facilities, refreshed our supply chain to ensure we can maintain a full complement of RoHS compliant components, and have developed a unique marking for our products that require RoHS material declarations. We are currently in the process of reviewing the China RoHS, or C-RoHS requirements to determine if this is something we will be blending into our current approach in the future. We look forward to the continued success that comes from working with our customers and suppliers in this valuable process, and we are proud to pass the results we create on to future generations.