OCP has a Strategic partnership with Vestigon & Binder - OCP Group Inc.

Strategic Partnerships

Partnerships never go out of style but they only succeed with vision, alignment, and execution. OCP Group prides itself on seeking strategic partners that are reflective of these qualities. We measure our success with the realization of our customer’s product design. Whether we are collaborating with an Engineering Team to design an Edge Sensor for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or a Medical Device Surgical Handpiece Cable Assembly you can trust OCP and it’s Partners to provide industry-leading professionalism and competency.

Strategic Partnership

Strategic PartnershipIIoT & Telematics Product Design and Development

OCP and Vestigon have formed a strategic partnership to leverage the decades of combined Design and Manufacturing expertise for OEM’s looking to leverage our industry unique abilities. The Engineering and Project Management experience of the staff in both companies has deep experience in Telematics, Medical, Home Health, Wearable’s, Industrial Automation, Heavy Equipment, Environmental Devices, Green Energy, Water Conservation and Consumer Electronics.

Miniature Circular Connectors
Miniature Circular Connectors

Strategic PartnershipCustom High Reliability Cable Assemblies

OCP & Binder USA have announced their strategic partnership to better service their mutual customers in the Industrial, Automation, Instrumentation, Medical & Transportation industries. Binder’s line of Interconnect designs are recognized throughout the world for their ingenuity, quality and value in the high-reliability interconnect market. OCP Group’s cable assemblies have been providing market leading performance for mid-size to fortune 500 companies for over 30 years. This unique alliance will provide the customers of both companies with a very powerful combination of world class connectors that can rapidly integrate into cable assemblies for a multitude of applications and environments.