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custom Interconnect solutions

At Interplex OCP we realize that a simple cable assembly is rarely simple. We know that getting an idea from concept to creation will take a lot more than just putting together a few components. Our approach to creating a custom interconnect cable for our OEM customers is based on a proven process. NPI (new product introduction) will often include tooling design and fabrication and can include bulk cable extrusion, and many times involves unique tooling fixtures for very specific or unique manufacturing and testing requirements. All of these are design aspects that are carefully considered when a new project is onboarded at Interplex OCP.

Whether your product is a legacy design or a brand new product you can rest assured that our knowledgeable sales and engineering staff will ensure your product is both on time and market-ready. Your first step starts here RFQ form after filling out this short form someone from our sales team will be in contact ASAP!