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Throughout its history OCP has manufactured thousands of unique cable assemblies and wire harnesses for OEM’s in a variety of industries. We’ve blended that knowledge and experience into a product range that starts with bulk cable and graduates to pneumatic and sensor embedded Dresspack assemblies. Articulated applications like Robotics are tough on cables. Unique environmental conditions like exposure to high temperatures, oils and chemicals as well as abrasion caused by contact wear or the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the movement all challenge decisions of the design. We specialize in custom molded cable assemblies and offer turnkey design to validation services.


We offer design teams the confidence of knowing that they are working with industry professionals that offer real solutions derived from application experience with expertise in material selection and ergonomic design. We specialize in molded Automation, Robotic, Industrial controls and IIOT cable assemblies and offer start to finish design, validation, and production tooling.  Many industry-unique processes have been developed in our ISO 13485:2016, FDA registered facilities. OEM’s who select OCP for their cable assemblies know they are partnering with an experienced team.


If its the food industry or bottling and food packaging plants, cables have strict hygiene and other requirements. Many of these cables are used in refrigerated or even damp environments. They must be resistant to numerous chemical, thermal, and physical stresses, while still being reliable.

OCP has the resources to design and manufacture cables for industries in Meat and fish processing, Dairy processing, Bottling & Packaging and our customers feel secure in the knowledge that the OCP team can help you create the best possible solutions.


OCP offers a full spectrum of high-performance materials including TPE, TPU, Silicone, PVC’s and Halogen-free alternatives that are ISO 10993:2018 Bio-compatible. We can integrate authentication, ergonomic mold design, and silver-plated copper to enhance performance. We also offer a full range of strain relief toolings for Lemo, Redel, and Fischer connectors.


OCP offers a larger variety of control cables in both armored and unarmored, and many shielding and jacketing options, along with the complete range of gauge and conductor count

HDMI Active Optical Cables

HDMI AOC “Active Optical Cables” designed for robust use in challenging environments. Stainless steel tubing with kevlar elements provides a 500Kg crush-resistant armor and strength that can stand up to the most robust applications. Industrial grade TPU jacket offers an operating temperature of -40℃ ~80℃. Ideal for Displays in Medical Surgeries, Military, Shipboard, Temporary Staging, or anywhere an extended HDMI cable exists in a challenging environment.

Panel Mount Cables

We have an expansive line of cables that are “ready to use” for your systems I/O or Multimedia Signal display. USB 2.0, 3.0/3.1DisplayportDVI or Ethernet assemblies and others. All are available in standard lengths but can also be customized if needed.


  • Standard Lengths stocked
  • Customization available
  • IPXX Rating on many assemblies
  • 100% Compatibility to Industry Standard

External Power & Signal

OEM’s in the Automation and Food Processing industry have been sourcing their external Power and Signal cables from OCP for over 30 years. With a wide array of experience with materials and designs to help solve any unique ergonomic or environmental situation.

Whether it’s food processing, high flexing or clean room with no outgassing we’ve done it. If you are interested in speaking to one of our knowledgeable staff members please fill out our simple request form and someone will contact you asap. REQUEST FORM.


  • Power & Signal custom and standard cable designs
  • IP67 & IP68 rating on cable jacket and all connections
  • Tray cables
  • Chain flex Cable assemblies
  • Temperature rated cables
  • Oil & Chemical rated cables

Internal Power & Signal

Whether it is a signal I/O, a power switch, LED indicator light or a complex internal power and signal harness you can trust OCP with your requirements. We’ve designed and manufactured internal wire harnesses for transportation and agricultural equipment that had to operate in all-weather environments. We’ve also developed the design, the wire boards and then manufactured complex assemblies that had 100’s of connection points with dozens of different wire and connector types.


  • Comprehensive list of applicator tooling
  • Extensive experience in complex wire board manufacturing
  • Identification marking by a label, heat shrink, and laser
  • Display micro axial and FFC assemblies
  • Power harnesses with embedded switches and PCBA’s

Over the last 30 plus years we have developed a reputation built on trust, communication, and transparency with our customers. And our customers have always felt secure when partnering with OCP on their cable or wire harness assembly projects because we always vigilantly adhere to both the IPC/WHMA 620 workmanship standard under quality assurance systems and are ISO 9001:2015 audited every year. We specialize in OEM Molded Cable assemblies and with our team of engineers and knowledgeable staff, we offer start to finish design, validation and production tooling. OCP offers customers real value by saving countless hours of fruitless engineering time because they are partnering with a company that offers real solutions in material selection and a design tailored for their application. When an OEM chooses OCP for their Automation or Industrial Control assembly they know they are choosing a strategic partner who’s been vetted


OCP has always provided superior customer service in terms of responsiveness and on time delivery  performance across all of the industry’s we service. Our team focuses on the details required to provide superior and unmatched customer service. They are seasoned professionals who can handle any request. We have all the tools at our disposal so that no question goes unanswered. It is their experience and incredible dedication that has resulted in OCP being recognized by many of our customers as one of their most valuable suppliers. They have the knowledge, the ability and the willingness to give 110% at all times.


Design services are the cornerstone of our customer engagement production. Our team is always available to support all aspects of your cable design. From material selection to the mechanical performance as well as tooling design so rest assured that we can step in and support your process whether you are in the begining and just brainstorming or from wherever you are in the process. We can take an Auto Cad, PROe, or solid-works file from our clients or develop it for them. Ask us about our proven NPI process which is designed to result in 100% customer satisfaction.