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Extreme/Harsh Environment Custom interconnect solutions

Interplex OCP has decades of experience with the materials and molds required for outdoor, harsh environment equipment. The deployment of 5G will continue to enable billions of new devices in challenging environments. We have the material science, process experience, and FMEA testing to ensure product reliability for years of failure-free service in the field. We have designed and manufactured many cable assemblies for equipment OEM’s producing Agricultural & Construction, Oil and Gas, Instrumentation and Transportation applications.


Marine environments present some of the biggest challenges for electrical components. Extreme temperatures and the corrosion effects of moisture, salt, and even oil can lead to degradation of your cable and the components. OCP understands these requirements and works with our customers to achieve the best product possible. We have always only sourced the highest quality components for our customers.


Our cables are flexible and can withstand high temperatures and harsh environments. It’s important to partner with a manufacturer that is focused on staying in step with the demands of the marketplace. We deliver cables that are specifically engineered and manufactured to meet these high standards. If your needing Dress pack cable assemblies or sensor embedded cable assemblies give us a call.


In today’s day and age, with the agricultural industry’s technology growing by leaps and bounds our customers are requiring that their cable assemblies be built to be able to keep up with the changes and of course withstand some of the harshest environments including continual repetitive movement’s. OCP has been manufacturing cables for 30+ years and we have built a reputation with our customers around the quality of our assemblies.


Our customers require cables that can withstand extremely harsh environments and repetitive use without being compromised. OCPs custom cables are weatherized IP6X for our bulk cable and assembly designs. OCP cables are also temperature rated as well as oil & chemical rated & we always include validation testing on all projects.

We specialize in molded cable assemblies and offer start to finish design, validation, and production tooling.  These assemblies and bulk cable have been both 100% application unique and incorporated a wide variety of industry wiring standards such as HDMI, USB, CAN Bus, DeviceNet, ProfiNet, RS-232 ~ 489 & USB 3.0.  As with any component from OCP offers full-service custom tooling design and fabrications for overmold tooling on any connector, yoke, or panel mount interface.


Design services are the cornerstone of our customer engagement production. From material selection to the parts mechanical performance to tooling design OCP Group can support your process. Whether we take an Auto Cad, PROe, or solid-works file from our clients or develop it for them our proven NPI process is designed to result in 100% customer satisfaction.


Our commitment to quality is directly related to our customers’ satisfaction. Despite the challenges of growth and change, we have maintained a standard that has never wavered. Over each of the last three years, OCP has achieved a stringent quality goal of 99.5% product acceptance rate clearly positioning itself as a leader amongst its peers in the wire and cable industry. This continuous quality level is a reflection of the quality of our staff.


Our processes are scalable from startups to Fortune 10 companies. Be assured that you’re partnering with an industry leader that will provide your team with innovative designs delivered on time and per budget.​ We partner with you to provide the reliability you can count on. Our 99.95+% product acceptance rate reflects our commitment to detail in every step of the process.


We always strive to improve and adjust to our customer needs. So, over the last 30 plus years we have accumulated a pool of resources and a reputation of trust with our vendors. Because of this we are able to give our customers the options they need to develop a project. We are an innovative partner and take pleasure in helping our customers find viable solutions. Which makes us a great resource and innovative partner to have in this industry.