In Stock & Custom Bulk Cable

Bulk Cables

OCP Group, Inc. carries in stock an extensive line of bulk cable. OCP also can manufacture a custom bulk cable based on your specification.

Industrial - Commercial Bulk Cable

Common Use Cases

  • For medium mechanical load requirements
  • Preferably indoor applications
  • Especially for freely suspended and gliding travel up to 164 ft (50m)
  • Storage and retrieval units for high-bay warehouse machining units/packaging machines, handling, indoor cranes

Harsh Environment Bulk Cable

Common Use Cases

  • Industrial and Manufacturing environments that require physical durability.
  • Resistance to outdoor weather conditions and temperature extremes.
  • Resistance to damaging physical conditions.
  • Resistance to damaging chemical conditions.

Hi Flex Bulk Cable

Common Use Cases

  • Motion control and robotics environments
  • For high mechanical load requirements
  • Minimum bend radius: 10 x d