Custom Manufactured Medical Cables

Medical Cables

OCP offers a complete line of custom manufactured cable and interconnect solutions for Medical Device Manufacturers. While we manufacture some very complex assemblies that are intended for decades of use our specialty is in Disposable, Single Use Device “SUD” cables. We have developed both a process expertise and material specific supply chain to support this unique market. We invite you to contact our sales engineering team to discuss the specific needs of your application.


DIN Lead Wires

OCP focus on Medical DIN Lead Wire is about creating highest quality custom medical cables including ECG cables and leadwires, Patient Monitoring cable assemblies, custom connectors and complex harness assemblies. We can provide cost effective OEM solutionsfrom prototype to high volume production.

Lumen and Multi-Lumen Cables

OCP has developed capacity to extrude and terminate Single and Multi Lumen cable assemblies with electrical conductors and custom overmolds for strain reliefs on connectors or yokes. Common applications include:

  • Medical Devices
  • Sensors
  • Dental Equipment
  • Robotics
  • Industrial Automation Equipment

Thermocouple/RF Generator Assemblies

We have extensive experience in developing and manufacturing cable assemblies specifically designed for Endovenous Ablation or other Tissue Ablation medical devices Precision soldering to 2 conductor pairings of Chromel-Alumel, Copper-Constantan, Iron-Constantan, Chromel-Constantan wire requires a specific skill set that our manufacturing engineers and line staff have perfected. This special combination of technique and process control makes OCP the right solution for your needs.


Lemo Type 1 Mating Connectors

During the last several years the Type I and similar circular connectors have gained popularity in the disposable Single Use Device (SUD) market. Other connectors from Hirose, Lemo-Redel and ODU have also been widely accepted in the market. Whether you’re interested in using an OEM component or want to consider a generic mating connector, OCP can deliver. We can also work closely with your team to develop any custom solution you may need.


Ultrasound Coaxial & Multi-Conductor Assemblies

OCP’s staff has worked with customers in the development of cables for many Ultrasound applications. Our sales engineers can work closely with your company to develop the unique bulk cable, or custom components you need to ensure you create an outstanding solution.


MicroCoaxial for Endoscope Video or Digital Imaging Assemblies

Advances in imaging and miniaturization have enabled the creation of a new class of Endoscopic devices. One of the best cable types for these video signals is microcoaxial. Our experience in the notebook industry has helped us develop an unmatched manufacturing discipline with facilities that can reliably solder 32-38awg microcoaxial round and ribbonized cable to pcb subassemblies that can either be epoxy potted or pulled through a hermtically sealable catheter assembly.


Flexible Circuit Assemblies

OCP has been providing medium to high volume FPC and discrete switch assemblies for some time. Our focus for these assemblies has been applications where we can couple our experience with mid to high volume unit requirements with disposable accessorial products. These assemblies include the use of SMT ZIP connectors, Dome tactile switches and LED’s. Our sales engineers are happy to work closely with your company to develop the unique solution you require.