5G Sensor Cables - OCP Group Inc.

At the edge of the rapidly growing 5G cellular networks, devices are connecting wireless to more bandwidth than has ever existed. This growth is global and it’s synchronized in all major markets being serviced by current 4G LTE and CDMA networks. An estimated 50 billion new devices are forecast to be connected to these new 5G networks over the next decade. The cell phones will initially be the greatest concentration of these but what of the potentially billions of 5G enabled non-handset devices? What are they? Where and how will they be deployed?

Undoubtedly many will be improved versions of currently deployed Telematics and Instrumentation devices. However, a new class of Sensors capable of fully leveraging 5G’s bandwidth is emerging. These 5G Network Edge Sensor’s adoption will follow a similar evolution to that of Cloud-based Applications and Data Storage where the dramatic increase in internet bandwidth fostered Edge Computing.

These dramatic advances in network bandwidth have been paralleled by similar advances in software and sensor development. Together they are enabling significant growth in data acquisition for agriculture, industry, scientific research, remote machinery control, and even self-driving vehicles.

Embedded or deployed sensors will be measuring & reporting on temperature, vibration, humidity, atmospherics, moisture, movement, color, sound all collecting data at “their edge” and transmitting it to the cloud in real-time. While all will be “wireless”, all will need varying levels of power and many will be deployed in the most challenging of environments.

OCP’s has extensive experience developing and manufacturing Sensor Embedded Cable Assemblies for OEM’s throughout the world. Whether your application requires considerations for extreme weather, industrial chemical oil/gas, or even bio-compatibility our team has likely developed a similar bulk cable and IP rated over-molds. Our team has been actively involved in Cable Assemblies for Harsh Environment and Cable Tethered Sensors with embedded PCB’s for over 10 years. Our industry-unique knowledge of materials, over-molding process, and functional testing are unparalleled. When these attributes are coupled with a deeply vetted supply chain you’ll soon discover you’ve found a partner who’ll provide the solutions you are looking for.